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Richard White Fine Porcelain

Richard White Spirit Jar in Vanilla Cream

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This is a Spirit Jar because of these thoughts that the artist has put inside each one. Please take a moment to read them and see what you think.

Spirit Jar

It seems there are times when the day to day struggle in this mortal life can put such pressure and strain on your Spirit that it is wise to give it an interlude of shelter.
Hold this jar in two hands and let your Spirit hide away in the smooth, round, cool chamber, safe from the turmoil outside. You can leave your body sitting there, eyes closed, Spirit Jar in hand, and your Spirit can roll around in the dark and empty vastness inside the jar like the planets roll serenely around the Sun. You can reach out, like the arms of the galaxy reaching through time. Your Spirit can expand like the very Universe itself, into the vastness of forever, safe inside this bubble of stone.

Your Spirit will re-harmonize with the natural order of the Universe and re-establish its center. You will feel the Force of Will, the power to persist again inside a mortal body. This energy, refocused in your spirit, will cause the jar to heat up. Your body’s hands will feel the warmth, know to open the jar and you will emerge into right now.

This elegant hand thrown porcelain lidded vessel is about 5" across and 4" high. Each one is individually hand thrown with no mold so sizes will always vary but it will be perfect to fit in your hands.
It has a glaze finished foot so that it won’t scratch your fine furniture and is signed on the bottom by the artist.

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