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Richard White Fine Porcelain

Richard White Fine Porcelain Tea Set in Sapphire

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Because SoCal Queen would like to encourage the joy of sharing beautiful experiences, be it clothing, artwork, or a cup of tea, we have the The Richard White Fine Porcelain Tea Set in Sapphire, also available individually. It is hand made high fired fine porcelain and measures about 8“ x 8" and holds about 7 cups (56 ounces). Don’t forget to notice that the lip on the spout keeps the last drop from running down the front of the pot when you stop your pour.

It is fully vitrified porcelain so it is very strong and he has given all the lips of the pots and cups exaggerated thickness so it is easier to handle and so they can defend themselves in the real world. It is also detailed with Richard White's signature Glaze Finished Foot so it won’t scratch your fine furniture or granite counters and comfortable pulled handle will feel just right in your hand and help to make your hot or cold beverage a more pleasant experience.

For centuries people have enjoyed a tranquil respite from the day’s concerns by sharing a nice cup of tea with good friends. This is what you need to create that moment for yourself and your loved ones. Imagine what you will be able to accomplish when you are refocused and recharged.

This set, of course, works perfectly for serving hot chocolate or coffee. It has no lead and can be used in the microwave or dishwasher but never over the fire of the stove top.

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