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Richard White Fine Porcelain

Richard White Fine Porcelain Sculpted Vase in Vanilla Cream

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Measuring about 11” at its tallest edge, 4½” at its widest and having a throat opening of about 1½", The Richard White Fine Porcelain sculpted Vase in Vanilla Cream appears to have a much more modest size than its personality lets on. Mr. White often speaks of “dancing with the clay”, this must have been a wonderfully elegant dance.

This lovely vase is hand made of high fired porcelain. Right after it is thrown on the wheel the top is sculpted to give it the distinctive form that makes a perfect setting for your floral arrangement. It has Richard White's signature Glaze Finished Foot so it won’t scratch your fine furniture or granite counters. With or without flowers the Richard White Fine Porcelain sculpted Vase in Vanilla Cream makes a wonderful statement in form and color and anytime you like you can turn a handful of flowers into an elegant arrangement.

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