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Richard White Fine Porcelain

Richard White Fine Porcelain Mug in Berry Black

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The Richard White Fine Porcelain Mug in Berry Black is hand made high fired fine porcelain and measures about 4¾" to 5” high, about 3¾” to 4” at the base, and about 3¼" to 3½” wide at the lip and holds about 16 ounces. Perfect for coffee, tea or beer.

They are made to be used everyday in the dishwasher or microwave and of course have no lead. It is fully vitrified porcelain so it is very strong and he has given all the lips of the mugs exaggerated thickness so it is easier to handle and so they can defend themselves in the real world. The gloss surface and comfortable pulled handle will feel just right in your hand and help to make your hot or cold beverage a more pleasant experience.

The Richard White Fine Porcelain Mug in Berry Black is a one of a kind, hand made creation. It is thrown on a wheel, no mold is ever used. It is a live performance frozen in time by the fires of its creation. It is shaped by Richard White's hands and heart that have given form to clay for over thirty five years.

The dramatic effect of each glaze comes from his experience mixed with the particular character of the 2300 degree fire that gave it life. Each mug is fused into a living stone so hard it can endure, untouched by time, for thousands of years.

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