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Reckless Necklace

Reckless Necklace Labradorite Shield Lariat

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Multi style! The Reckless Necklace Labradorite Shield Lariat created by local artist, Carolann Malley, is designed with faceted labradorite, multi diameter jet and textured silver beads, and highlighted with a focus stone, hung within the tassels, a gorgeous teardrop labradorite pendant, known as a symbol of vitality.

This metallic iridescent stone is known to bring forth each person's strengths to share with the world, and can help one find their originality. A lariat necklace is wonderfully versatile because you fasten a lariat necklace by tying a knot in the jewelry itself. There are several ways to tie a lariat necklace each offering their own aesthetic. Personalize your look with pendants or creative knots and make it fun.

The Reckless Necklace Labradorite Shield Lariat measures 45”

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