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Paula Tipton-Healy Artwork

Paula Tipton-Healy "Roots"

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Paula's first painting tutelage came while living in San Juan Cosala, Mexico with local, renowned master Isidro C. Xilonzochitl, Xilotl. Her mixed media pieces, oils and acrylics are found exhibited both in the U.S. And Mexico.“I grew up heavily influenced by the Southern ways of my Mother and many years spent as a Midwife delivering babies.I feel that the art of midwifery led me to my art with paint, canvas, and other materials. In a need to communicate visually, I am able to express the emotions and narrative behind the complexity and beauty of the cycle of life.

” “Roots” is original artwork done in Oils on Canvas. The piece itself measures 8”x 8” and it is currently Un-framed but the canvas is wrapped so that it stand out an inch and a half and looks lovely hung as is.. Another piece from the same collection "Sunset at Sea" is also available for purchase.

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