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Sculptured Pottery by Richard White

Richard White is a local artist here in San Diego. Each piece he makes is a one of a kind, hand made porcelain creation. It is thrown on a wheel, no mold is ever used. It is a live performance frozen in time by the fires of its creation. It is shaped by his hands and heart that have given form to clay for over 35 years. The dramatic effect of each glaze comes from his experience mixed with the particular character of the 2300 degree fire that gave it life. Each pot is fused into a living stone so hard it can endure, untouched by time for thousands of years.

We express our inner selves by the objects we find beautiful and choose to have around us. Richard White wants you to know he is profoundly touched that you would choose to express yourself with his work.

Now you must discover which piece he made just for you.