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Mallory Riess With Light and Love Jewelry

Mallory Riess, owner of With Light and Love Healing, was inspired to go into the holistic field because of her love of healing organically and naturally.  Her life calling is to help people lead healthy, happy, and full lives without dis-ease. Mallory has recently launched her Reiki Charged Healing Crystal Jewelry line. She was inspired to create healing crystal jewelry so her clients and loved ones could wear a beautiful piece of jewelry that would also support their healing process.  Each piece of jewelry is made from the finest quality of crystals and gem stones then Reiki charged to enhance the natural healing properties of each crystal. Reiki is a universal healing energy that promotes balance back into the body, mind, and soul.

Please note that all of The Mallory Riess Light and Love Stress Jewelry collection is individually hand crafted with natural materials, and variations in each piece reflect the value and intention of the artist.