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Andrew Ferrier Crafts

Among the things that attracted Andrew Ferrier to the Chinese language was the beautiful calligraphy.
While a student at UC Santa Cruz, he went on a one-year exchange program to Beijing. Later he studied Chinese language, literature, and calligraphy for two more years at Liaoning University. He won two awards for calligraphy in China.
Andrew made his first calligraphy cards for his own use. The warm reception encouraged him to participate in a crafts fair in 2001 or so. Since then he has been making cards steadily.
Every unique calligraphy card featured at SoCal Queen comes with a matching envelope. The inside of the card is open for your message, and the translation appears with the artists chop on the back of the card.
Andrew writes with a traditional round Chinese brush. Media include hand-ground Chinese ink, water colors, Chinese xuan paper, and quality stationery.
Mr. Ferrier lives in San Diego. In addition to making Chinese calligraphy cards, he provides interpreting and translating services, teaches Mandarin Chinese, and attends local Chinese-community events to enrich his language